Young Ramesh is Turned Upside-Down



Aparigraha Story 3

When I was a little boy of about four years old, we were all sitting round the table each having partaken of one sweetmeat. I thought they were quite delicious, never having tasted them before. I asked my father if I could have another one, as indeed there were some remaining in the dish.

“Oh, I see,” said he. “So you were not satisfied with the first one. Well I had better have it back then. I’ll tip it out of you!”

And he carefully turned me upside down. He was laughing while he did it and so were all the other members of the family. They were looking on kindly at my childish greed, and my father’s funny way of dealing with it. It made me giggle at the time, but whenever I was tempted to ask for more than my share, I would remember that incident and think twice.


Guidance on Greed