Ramesh Learns More About Himself

When I was a teenager of about fourteen, my father told me that I was far too selfish. He told me to go to the market for Mother to purchase several herbs and spices, which he then named. I told him I would not recognise all of them.

He said, "You have been eating food in this house for fourteen years, and you do not know what herbs your mother uses? Go to the market and ask Mala who sells all the condiments to show you what is what. She knows your mother well and would not deceive you."

So I went to market and found the old woman.

"Ah, it is you, Ramesh,” said she, and when I explained the problem she laughed and told me I was still unfamiliar with the very things which had been keeping me well and strong for all these years.

"But it does not surprise me," she said, "Children pay little attention to 'What and Why', but like the plants they just grow. You must learn what keeps you well, Ramesh, and what makes you ill. You must learn what makes you happy and what sad. You need to know these things for yourself so that you can regulate and control your own life. You cannot rely on the knowledge of others for this information. You travel alone in this world. You truly only have yourself. Sometimes you will indeed be alone, no partner, no parents to help you. Look at yourself; ask questions of the Lord God in your meditations. Know yourself. Only then will you be able to understand and help others.”




Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What keeps me healthy?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What am I good at?
  • How can I develop myself, my gifts, talents and abilities?


Guidance on Self-Study