Going Through the Golden Gates

My father was a very wise man. He used to take us to the riverbank each morning. He would say: “Those who are dirty will never enter the Golden Gates!”

I was very young at the time. I thought he meant the golden gates at the entrance to one of the temples in the town. So one day when I did not want to wash in the River, a Holy River it was too, he said to me, “Dirty people will not be allowed through the Golden Gates!”

I told him I did not want to go through the golden gates anyway, because I would only have to wait in the temple for the adults to complete their ceremonies. He said to me that to enter those golden gates it was advisable to be clean, but to enter the ‘Others’ one had to be clean in body, mind and spirit. He wryly remarked that since my body was so obviously dirty, it was very possible that my mind and spirit were quite dirty too and needed a good cleaning.

He made a game of washing me thoroughly, so that I was encouraged to do so too. After that he took me along to the temple and made me sit for more than the usual time to ‘cleanse my mind and spirit’ also. I was so bored I never complained about washing again!




Some questions to ask yourself:

  • If our minds are troubled with thoughts of hate, jealousy or anger, how does it feel? Can you think of ways to clear your mind of such thoughts?
  • What does ‘positive thinking’ mean to you?


Guidance on Cleanliness