The Throat Centre

The fifth chakra or throat centre is known as the Visuddha Chakra in Sanskrit.  It is the centre through which we communicate by speaking, singing and laughing and crying. 

 When we can freely discuss how we are feeling to trusted people, revealing our happiness or sadness, our concerns and worries, our discoveries and plans, then the throat centre is working well.  If, however, we feel our opinions have no value, or that no one will listen to us, then the throat centre is likely to be low in energy, or ‘blocked’ and we find it very hard to speak out.

In Victorian times children were told to "be seen and not heard."  They learnt to be very reluctant to express themselves and this sometimes continued into their adult lives.  British people were very unexpressive.  They were said to keep a ‘stiff upper lip.’  These days life is different for many.  People are learning to talk about how they feel and society is much more open.

If we are feeling reluctant to talk or sing, we may notice our voices becoming weak, or may have ‘a frog in the throat’.  When we feel confident, our voices ring out clearly.  In these ways the throat chakra makes itself felt.

A balance is required, however, and we need to use our judgement about how much to say and who to say it to.  An overactive throat chakra can be irritating to those who are forced to listen!