The Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra or heart centre called the Anahata Chakra in Sanskrit, is the centre through which we feel love.  It is situated in the centre of the chest. Feelings of warmth, compassion and appreciation of other people come from this centre.  Our love for our family, friends, our pets, animals and nature in general, begins in this centre.
Sometimes if you are with someone you love deeply, you may feel your heart centre becoming active, opening up to that person.  It is a wonderful feeling.  You may experience the same feeling towards a baby brother or sister, a member of your family who you don’t see as much as you would like to, or even towards a much-loved pet.  It’s a feeling of great warmth and attraction.  It makes you want to hug the person or pet.

When we lose someone we love we may feel a terrible heaviness in the centre of the chest.  This is how the heart centre feels when it has closed down.  This is the way it reacts to loss of love.  Normally as time passes we get over our loss and it opens up again.  Then we are able to love others without fear of losing them too.

When the heart centre is working well we are normally happy and harmonious in our relationships with other people.