The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra is known as the Manipura Chakra in Sanskrit.  It is situated above the navel and below the rib cage.  It has several jobs to do.  It is the main collector and distributor of power in the body. Sometimes it is called the ‘mind centre’ as it plays a part in memory and learning.  It is concerned with our will power and courage. People with strong solar plexus energy have a powerful and confident presence.  They also have a good attitude towards keeping themselves healthy.  They look after themselves.

If we are lacking in confidence and weak willed, not bothering to care for our bodies and eating a bad diet, we will not have a healthy supply of solar plexus energy.  If we do not get enough sleep or exercise, or take drugs, or drink more than a very modest amount of alcohol, then our solar plexus energy will be low.  The effect of this is that we will find it hard to summon enthusiasm for enjoying our lives. 

As we grow up, gradually we learn from adults how to look after ourselves.  The process of growing up involves learning to take responsibility for our own actions and behaviour.  Not all adults are good role models. We can learn to recognise both good and bad examples, and if we choose to follow the good ones and learn what not to do from the bad ones, then we are more likely to be happy and confident.

In the story about the solar plexus chakra, Ramesh finds that he is somewhat lacking in will power when it comes to dealing with the market stallholder.