The Sacral Chakra

The second centre is the sacral or Svadhisthana Chakra.  It sits just below the navel and is named after the sacrum, a big flattish bone at the bottom of the spine. It is the main centre of joyfulness and sensuality, or appreciation of the senses.  We use this centre when we are creative; creating works of art such as painting, sculpture, models, pottery, or anything that involves using our hands to make beautiful, interesting or useful things. 

It is also the centre through which we enjoy another human being in sexual love, so it is also creative in the sense of creating babies.  When we feel sexual desire and love for someone, we may become aware of a feeling of energy and excitement in this area in the body.  For this energy to be used in a healthy way it should be coupled with love and respect for the other person.  We need to take great care as to the consequences of our actions.  It is a centre which can produce much delight, but also much pain and suffering when used thoughtlessly, or abused.  Careless use of this energy can result in unwanted pregnancy, fatherless children, abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases*, some of which may cause sterility or can be fatal.

 Young people need to be educated about the pitfalls of this new energy that comes to them in their teenage years or sometimes earlier.  They need to use wisdom and courage to do what is best for them and avoid being persuaded to do things that they know to be unwise.

The story about the sacral chakra is rather old fashioned in the sense that young people, in the West at least, expect to go out together as boyfriend and girlfriend. They are trusted to act responsibly, but may find their freedom confusing.

You will find more advice on this subject in the section on Sexual Self Control, or Bramacharya.