The Glowing Swami


The Crown Chakra

When I had been a sanyasin (a monk who has taken vows of renunciation) for several years, after my wife had died, and I had travelled around my country and to Tibet, I came across a wise old man, a hermit. He welcomed me and asked if I would like to stay with him for a time. I liked the look of his eyes, the sound of his voice and the meanings of the words he spoke. I chose to stay with him. This man was called Swami Madhusudana Vedanta. He was about sixty-five, but as he had lost most of his hair and most of his teeth, he looked much older. One could tell from his vigour that he had not yet passed into real old age.

He would meditate with me each day before sunrise and then we would walk into the nearby town to beg for food. The people always gave us enough to survive on, not a lot, but enough. In return we would perform acts of healing for them.

One day a woman brought us a bowl of meal. With her was her young son, a small child of about eight years of age. She was very concerned about him. He was lethargic and had a nasty skin condition on his legs. She asked Swamiji to heal the boy by prayer and meditation. She asked me to lay my hands on him, because she had heard that people had been cured by my touch. She said that the healing heat from my hands and the will of God would surely cure her son.

We agreed, Swamiji and I, to try to help the boy. Swamiji sat down cross-legged with his arms outstretched towards the boy and he started to chant. Much to my surprise I noticed, while I was holding the child by the shoulders and feeling energy flow through me, that Swamiji had developed a beautiful radiance. It was particularly concentrated around his head, a beautiful golden glow. The mother and son were apparently oblivious to this. After a while Swamiji stopped his chanting and I removed my hands from the boy’s shoulders. Swamiji’s head continued to glow for some minutes after he had finished. The boy raised his head and opened his eyes wide.

“Mama,” he said, “These Swamis are on fire, I felt it, but it was a good fire, not like when I burnt myself on the hot cinders. Yes, look, you can see the flames at the top of the old one’s head!”
The mother smiled and hugged her child.
Thanking us, she said “Come, my son, the Lord Krishna has visited you through these good men. You will be better now.” They then departed.
Swamiji, still sitting, raised his hands up to the heavens and then bowing very low, he gave thanks to God.