The Toy Horse


The Throat Chakra

One day when I was a very small boy, my brother and I were arguing about a favourite toy. The problem was that not only was it his favourite, it was my favourite too and because I was the elder, I normally got my way. On this occasion, however, my brother was determined to win the battle. The toy was a little wooden horse that my father had made for us. On giving it to us, he had made the mistake of not declaring one of us to be the true owner. Small children are very possessive and like to know what is their very own property. My father learnt a lesson from this experience, but to him it seemed too late to decide who was to be the owner of the horse. He thought that we could learn to share the toy. Some days we did exactly that. We took turns quite amicably to play with it, but on this day things were different. My brother was expressing his rage that I should insist on keeping the horse from him because as he said, he had an important game to play. I equally shouted at him saying that since he had had the horse for the whole day yesterday, it should be my turn today.

My father looked at both of us and taking the horse from me he said, “He who shouts loudest is not necessarily the right one. He who is willing to share and take turns is, however, the right one. Since you two cannot agree to share, you are both wrong and since you are both shouting very loudly, you are doubly in the wrong. I myself would like to have a go with the horse. Why not? I made it. I am not shouting so I am right. I am willing to take turns; it is going to be my turn today, so I am right again. Now let me hear you say sorry for making such a rumpus and let us play properly.”

Then he invented a game where he hid the horse and we had to find it. Each time we found it we would all laugh and shriek with glee and he would point to his throat and say, “Now that’s what I like to hear, happy sounds, not angry sounds.”

He was a very wise man.