About the Book

I wrote this book when as a Yoga teacher I needed something to help me teach the philosophical aspects of Yoga.

The stories came to me in a strange and unexpected way.  I was meditating and asking for help with my teaching and an Indian Guru came into my mind.  He gave me a very short simple story about his life.  After that I found that I only had to meditate and ask for a story to illustrate a particular subject and it would come straight out through my pen, on to my note book, with no thinking, planning or editing on my part. I never had any idea what the next sentence would be! My Guru, who calls himself Guptananda, supplied me with every word. 

Having written the stories I felt I needed to add some more information or guidance on the various subjects.  I am a trained teacher and counsellor, but even so I admit that I struggled with that part of the book.  Sometimes it seemed to be coming from my Guru and at other times it seemed to be coming from me.  My Guru’s language can be heavy and serious, and so can mine perhaps!

I hope you find it interesting and useful.  Yoga has provided me with so much in my life.  It is a way of keeping healthy in body, mind and spirit.  I have taught yoga for thirty years now, currently as part of my job teaching special needs students in a College of Further Education in Cornwall.  Yoga has been a wonderful gift which I would love to pass on to you, the reader.

Many thanks to all those who helped and encouraged me to produce this book.