I would like to thank first of all my ex husband, Gerry Hillman for his support, tolerance and patience over the seven years it took to create this book. It was very unexpected for me to write stories, as I have never written anything since I was at school. After I wrote the first draft of the book there were long periods of not writing, when I felt I needed to be earning money. There were times when I wondered how I would ever be able to finish the work, but convinced of its importance, I pressed on when I could. My Aunt Jean Fife, now deceased, actually made it possible for me to finish the book, by being a very frugal lady. She left some money to my mother who likewise being frugal, left it to my brothers and to me. So I send my grateful thanks to them both, although they are in spirit now.

My dear friend Alan Nisbet, always on my side, always encouraging me in my work, deserves many thanks. His wonderful illustrations enliven the book and I love them! The stories with no illustrations were written several years later than those with pictures, after Alan had retired.

Many thanks also to Philip Jewell; dear yoga friend and advisor, willing to share my trials and tribulations, giving me his quiet counsel whenever I have asked for it. Phil edited my book in the early days and again when the new material had been added.

I have also received help and encouragement from my editors Brian Davis, Carole Alderman, Dr. H.V.S. Shastry, Jean Reynolds, Rosie Barratt, and Renu Gidoomal, all of whom looked carefully through the book and suggested adjustments according to their own expertise and background. Dr. Shastry is the Academic Director of the Bhavan Institute of Indian Culture in London. He teaches Sanskrit and Hindu Philosophy. He checked the book both for accuracy with regard to the Indian way of life, and to interpretation of Hindu Philosophy and Sanskrit.

I would also like to thank Patrick Gamble, a psychic artist. His work had been recommended to me and never having met him, but having seen his lovely pictures, I asked him for a picture of my spirit guide. Patrick, knowing nothing at all about me, saw Guptananda as clear as day and painted the beautiful portrait of him, which is on the 'Guptananda page'.

B.K.S Iyengar, through his book Light on Yoga, has been a very important source of information for me throughout my years as a yoga teacher. I would like to express my appreciation of his work.

This book would not have been published if it were not for the help of the above people, but it would never have happened at all if it were not for Swami Ramesh Guptananda coming into my mind and giving me the stories, for which I am eternally grateful.