A Good way to start the day

Goodness and Purity


My Mother always used to start the day with a certain prayer. She said it put her in the right frame of mind, and she taught us that prayer. When I was very small I did not understand it, but as I grew I began to realise the implications of its meaning.

The prayer went like this:

“Lord, today I awake to the beauty of the world. I glory in the sunshine and enjoy the rain. May all that I do this day be like the sunshine and the rain. May all that I do enhance the lives of these around me and glorify your holy name.”

That was the prayer. It was simple and at the same time complex. I did not understand the words 'glory' and 'glorify', I thought it had something to do with shining, so it did not make sense to me. However, one day I thought to ask Mother what it meant.

She replied: "Each day when I wake up I look at the sky and I know that the sun will shine bringing us warmth and light. It will help the plants, which are our food and our shelter, to grow. It will bring light into dark places. Then I remember that if we only had sun and no rain we would shrivel and die, so I thank God for the rain which comes in its dark and heavy clouds. I then talk about glorifying the Lord. That means that I wish to show my appreciation and thanks for all that the Creator has given to us. When I do this each day it helps me to remember that everything which comes to us each day is the Lord’s work.

Every person who asks for help, every problem which comes along to teach us a lesson, every joy, every sorrow, all these things come from the Lord. All the love that I receive from my family and friends, and all the difficulties I have to overcome, all come from the Lord. He sends these things to help us to learn on our pathway through life. If I can bear this in mind throughout the day, then I am likely to appreciate truly all the wonderful gifts that surround me. Also I am able to look on problems as challenges and ways of learning, rather than as burdens which I grudgingly bear. So I live my life looking forward to what the Lord brings me, whatever it may be. Many people live in dread of the next difficulty that may arise and do not notice the beauty and joy in the world around them. Instead they just fret about the future.

That is my prayer, Ramu, and a prayer for you might go like this if you don't like the words ‘glory’ and ‘glorify’.

‘Dear Lord, I thank you for this day and all the gifts it brings. I will do my best to serve you and learn from the lessons you send me. I will enjoy the blessings of the sun and the rain, the plants and the animals, my family and friends.’

If you repeat this prayer, Ramu, you will feel calm and happy and everything you do will be sincere and from the heart. Your actions and thoughts will be ruled by Sattwa and will be brightened by the Light of the Lord."